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    Our Somerville Office is closed in June 1, 2017. You are welcome to visit us in Boston or Waltham Offices.
    Waltham Office is relocated with parking behind the building thru Music Hall Ave


    Self-Care to Prevent and Overcome Chronic Health Conditions
    Overweight, Pains, Hypertension, Stress, Anxiety, Immune imbalance

    Date Teacher Topics Location
    May 18, 2008 Sunday 1-3pm Miles Chen Diet & Eating Well: Pleasure, Relaxation & Nourishment of Food - Selfcare for Anxiety, Overweight & IBS 318 Bear Hill Rd #10, Waltham, MA02451
    June 22, 2008 Sunday 1-3pm Miles Chen Diet & Eating: Pleasure, Relaxation & Nourishment of Food - Selfcare for Anxiety, Overweight & IBS 318 Bear Hill Rd #10, Waltham, MA02451

    To maximize innate healing to help fight chronic conditions, sustain well-being, and enhance the productivity and quality of life.

    Chronic Conditions

    Weight problems, diabetes, eating disorders, aches, pains, muscle stiffness, muscle spasticity, neuralgia, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, IBS, poor circulation,hypertension, PMS, menopause symptoms, immunodeficiency. (DISCLAIMER: The self-care is not to replace but to complement medicine and medical intervention for any chronic condition. You should consult with a physician regarding medicine and medical intervention.)

    Daoism Temple in Mount Wuyi, Fujian, China
    Workshop Master: Miles Chong Chen, PhD

    When I grew up in China, six out of my ten neighbors were traditional medicinal herbalists. We lived in apartments above a herbal processing plant, where kids could roam freely amid raw herbs (many of them were also food). These medicine men were not educated at modern colleges, but apprenticed with a master since they were 9 - 12 years old. They liked to chat with me because of my unusual curiosity and the many questions I asked since the age of five. They would show me herbs, martial (healing) arts, qigong and unusual food. They would take me out to hike and find wild herbs. When I turned 16, I became a farmer at Mount Wuyi in Fujian, China. I observed many local peasants practicing Daoist folk exercises for wellness. My early childhood education, which was mostly "old and primitive", left a strong imprint on my being. In contrast, my adult education, at college in China and later graduate school in the US, was centered on Western science and cutting edge technology. I believe that some ancient wisdom is biologically relevant and medicinally useful. My personal practice of sustainable wellness motivates me to share with others the benefits of this ancient wisdom. The picture on the left shows Wuyi Mountain, the largest and best-preserved sub-tropical forest ecosystem in China. It is also one of the most important Taoist centers. Its temple was listed as one of the top Taoist Temples of the 10th century (1000 AD). In 1999, Wuyi was chosen as a United Nations' World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.

    Chen in Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, NC

    The workshop is taught as hands-on learning in a small group of 6-10 students. The workshop is different from "expert talks," where attendees listen to new advice or trends. This workshop is a learning experience that you will have to feel it at the natural, instinctual and intuitive level. I want to teach each student in such a way that they "get" it for life and "know" its effectiveness. The experience, therefore, is a life transformation, from being a consumer to a health activist, which will take some time and practice. Eventually, each student's self-care has to be personalized and internalized. There will be a lot of hand-on practice during the workshop. I encourage each student to find and bring a wellness partner, so that they can work on each other in the future.

    Please call 781.290.0488 to make reservation.

    The Tea Meditation Room, Chi Wellness Clinic, 318 Bear Hill Road, Suite 10, Waltham, MA 02451. Phone (781)-290-0488

    $120 per workshop, prepaid on the date of sign-up at least two weeks before the meeting. Workshop is subject to minimal number of SIX attendees. Payment is not refundable, but it can be applied to another workshop if you have a schedule conflict.

    Tea Meditation Room in Waltham
    Program of Workshop on Diet & Eating Well(2 hours)
    • Wulong Tea Ceremony
    • Introducing the concept of sustainable wellness
    • Why we are capable of self-care: wellness instincts endowed by nature
    • Foods that make you well, as nature intended
    • Wholesome food ingredients and balanced diet
    • Eating well: the pleasure, relaxation and nourishment of eating
    • Art of cooking: aroma, color and taste

    Other Topics
    • Developing a holistic view of health
    • Feeling your own wellness instincts: appetite, thirst, fatigue, tension
    • Acquiring simple skills that can be practiced on a daily basis
    • Eating well and food selection for a healthy weight and emotional stability
    • Relaxing stresses physically, mentally and emotionally
    • Finding your own rhythm: high productivity, low maintenance, harmonious life
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