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    Our Somerville Office is closed in June 1, 2017. You are welcome to visit us in Boston or Waltham Offices.
    Waltham Office is relocated with parking behind the building thru Music Hall Ave

    The Seasonal Health & Wellness Retreat

    The Healing Power of Eating Well and Relaxation
    Maximize innate healing, Prevent chronic conditions
    Enhance the quality of life

    Join Dr. Miles Chen for an intimate workshop experience where he will introduce the concept of sustainable wellness, why we are capable of self-care, and how our natural instincts keep us healthy.

    During this day retreat you will develop a holistic view of health and acquire simple skills and activities that you can practice every day. By learning to turn inward you will reawaken your personal, innate natural healing system to restore health. Dr. Chen will show you how to select healthy, wholesome foods while considering freshness, aroma, and taste. Dinner will be provided, which will highlight considerations for a balanced, nutritious meal. Following dinner, Dr. Chen will answer questions and share his beliefs about the benefits of practicing and living a balanced life.

    There are four retreats in a year: spring (February), summer (May), autumn (August) and winter (November). Each retreat occurs on the first Sunday of each month, 9 am - 5 pm. Each student needs to take part in the retreat for two or more years to internalize the well-being practices.

    Daoism Temple in Mount Wuyi, Fujian, China
    You are born with the ability to listen to your body, and when you listen, you can achieve and maintain good health. The human body is a complete, self-repairing system, comprising physical, spiritual, and emotional parts. Each part of the system performs a specific function, and ultimately works as part of the whole. Today's medical industry partitions our bodies into discrete pieces and treats these pieces separately from the whole. They hand out quick fixes, which marginalize your inner intuitive voice. When you listen to, and understand your own body, you can seek out the right treatment and often the right treatment is within you. You become empowered to handle your own health care; life becomes joyful and happy.

    Relaxation of the Mind, Body & Emotion(3 hours)
    Tension is stuck energy that has far-reaching effects physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our daily lives are filled with stress, which causes tension. Tension, when left untreated, becomes more problematic and debilitating.

    You can find the places where tension resides and release it. The simple act of releasing tension can transform your life by improving your energy flow, releasing negative emotions, and allowing you to move freely. This tension is treatable by listening to your body and relaxing. You can live a pain-free life.

    Food, Cooking & Eating Well (3 hours)
    Eating well is paramount to living well. In our culture we have lost the pleasure of eating. Eating has become associated with guilt; it is not celebrated and has become decoupled from pleasure. This workshop rekindles your appetite and teaches what eating well is about: pleasure, relaxation, and nourishment. On the communal dining table, Dr. Chen will introduce a number of fresh produce (vegetables and fruits) that are therapeutic for health. We will enjoy a fresh, delicious and balanced meal together.

    Seasonal Changes & Herbal Remedies (2 hours)
    Our body experiences various deficiencies or excesses due to seasinal changes in weather, habitat and pathogens. You can adjust your relaxation routine and food ingredients before each season to achieve optimal balance in the body. You will learn about how Chinese herbal remedies are used to tonify and balance various organ systems.

    This retreat is a learning experience that you will feel at the natural, instinctual, and intuitive level. You will learn how to listen to your body, how to begin to rid your body of tension, and the art of cooking a balanced, nutritious meal. Each student's self-care is personalized and internalized. The experience is life-transforming as you grow from being a consumer to being your own health activist.

    In this workshop you will learn how to:

    •    Assess your personal holistic health
    •    Listen to your body for early signs of discomfort and imbalances
    •    Maintain a natural rhythm of physical activity, relaxation, and tranquil rest
    •    Quiet your mind and detect subtleties in your body where tension resides
    •    Respect your personal natural appetite, eat wholesome and balanced food
    •    Derive pleasure found in the aroma, taste, and texture of food
    •    Find your own rhythm: high productivity, low maintenance, harmonious life

    Chen in Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, NC
    Workshop Master: Miles Chong Chen, PhD
    “When I grew up in China, six out of my ten neighbors were traditional medicinal herbalists. We lived in apartments above an herbal processing plant, where kids could roam freely amid raw herbs (many of them were also food). These medicine men were not educated at modern colleges, but apprenticed with a master since they were 9 years old. They liked to chat with me because of my unusual curiosity and the many questions I asked since the age of five. They would show me herbs, healing martial arts, qigong and unusual food. They would take me out to hike and find wild herbs. When I turned 16, I became a farmer at Mount Wuyi in Fujian, China. I observed many local peasants practicing Daoist folk exercises for wellness. My early childhood education, which was mostly “old and primitive,” left a strong imprint on my being. In contrast, my adult education, at college in China and later graduate school in the US, was centered on Western science and cutting-edge technology. I believe that some ancient wisdom is biologically relevant and medicinally useful. My personal practice of sustainable wellness motivates me to share with others the benefits of this ancient wisdom.”

    Dr. Chen's philosophy is simple and truthful. He lives by the principles he teaches, and speaks from experience. His message is not packaged. Our bodies are unique, so too are the lessons you take away. The simple skills you learn here are profound and will benefit you for life. The experience will be transformative and set you on a path to healthy living and well-being.

    Tea Meditation Center in Waltham, MA

    $250 per day retreat (8 hours). Save $50 per couple.

    The Tea Meditation Center, Chi Wellness Clinic, 318 Bear Hill Road, Suite 10, Waltham, MA 02451. Phone 781-890-9355

    Date and Time
    There are four retreats in a year: spring (February), summer (May), autumn (August) and winter (November). Each retreat occurs on the first Sunday of the month, 9 am - 5 pm. Each student needs to take part in the retreat for two or more years to internalize the well-being practices. Please check out Retreat Dates .

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    DISCLAIMER: Self-care is not to replace but to complement medicine and medical intervention for any chronic condition. You should consult with a physician regarding medicine and medical intervention.

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