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    Our Somerville Office is closed in June 1, 2017. You are welcome to visit us in Boston or Waltham Offices.
    Waltham Office is relocated with parking behind the building thru Music Hall Ave

    Acupuncture - Herbal Medicine - Tuina Therapy

    Dr. Chen, Director and Founder
    Miles Chen

    Welcome to Chi Wellness Clinic

    At 8am on the morning of September 11, 2001, I opened the door of Chi Wellness Clinic for the first time for patients in Boston Longwood Medical Areas. Since that fateful day, we strive to provide effective and cost effective solutions to every patient with chronic conditions. Chi Wellness Clinic is built on the foundation of the holistic health care which has been proven to be an effective way of treating chronic conditions and restoring health and balance throughout over five thousand years of continuous use.

    Chi Wellness Clinic continues its pioneering efforts by implementing procedures and programs based on four founding principles:

    • With our holistic care of the root cause rather than merely symptoms, you will mobilize your innate healing ability in order to overcome chronic conditions and achieve sustainable health and wellness;

    • With our focus on comprehensive care, you will benefit from a full combination of TCM therapies provided by a team of practitioners who have practiced TCM as mainstream medicine in China and elsewhere;

    • With our locations near major medical areas and our holistic solutions, complementary to Western medicine, you will benefit from the best of both worlds.

    • With our teaching of self care, you will become a healer capable of listening to your mind & body and preventing future health conditions.
    Chi Wellness Clinic has two offices that treat all health conditions in Massachusetts:
      New Boston Acupuncture Office is one block away from Boston Waterfront.
      After eight years at the Longwood Medical Area, Boston Acupuncture at Chi Wellness Clinic is relocated on October 1, 2009 to Downtown Boston Financial District (near the Kennedy Greenway, South Station, and waterfront). Our new address is: 145 Pearl Street (off Purchase St), Suite 2, Boston, MA 02110, Boston, MA. Tel 617-423-9355(well). More on Boston Acupuncture

      Waltham Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic (Near Weston, Newton)
      - 0.5 mile from Boston IVF and Mass. General Hospital-West, Waltham, MA. Tel 781-890-9355 (well)
      More on Waltham Acupuncture

    Chi Wellness Clinic provides a safe, soothing and comfortable treatment environment. We offer free consultations for your personalized treatment plan. Our services include Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Tuina massage therapy, Tensiology therapy and Self Care workshops We also teach our patients new skills to take care of themselves in lectures, classes and retreats. Since 2001, we have effectively treated various chronic conditions. We strive to better integrate our therapies into conventional healthcare and further enhance their medical and cost effectiveness. In addition to treatment of general chronic conditions, Chi Wellness Clinic has four specialty units:
    YouTube: AJ & his 50 Yr-old Mom
     Baby Boy born to 50 Year-old Mother 7/27/07

    Fertility & Women's Health - We have developed an optimal combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and stress relaxation to restore women's natural balance and reproductive functions. Our treatment helps many couples to succeed in achieving either natural or IUI/IVF-assisted pregnancies. We are proud to announce that in 2007 we broke our own record for natural pregnancy age in a woman, from 42 to 47, and set our record for IVF pregnancy age at 50 (IVF was performed at Brigham & Women's Hospital with donor egg). The former case is specially rewarding to us because this woman had her first marriage in July 2006, first natural pregnancy four months later, and delivered her first baby (girl) in August 2007.

    Chronic Pains & Injuries - We have developed a proprietary combination of Tuina therapy, Tensiology therapy, acupuncture and herbal remedies to mobilize one's innate capabilities to heal the primary injuries underlying chronic pain. The end point is to restore one's physiological balance and prevent pain and injuries from becoming chronic. We also treat professional elite athletes in basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer, running and mountain climbing. We help to heal their Sports Injuries, condition their mind-body as prevention and improve athletic performance.

    Holistic Rehabilitation - We help patients with disabilities who have suffered from strokes, chronic pains & injuries, degenerative conditions and anxiety, to holistically restore their physical, mental and emotional functions.

    Holistic Weight Loss - We help clients to develop their own holistic and sustainable program to balance daily diet, control cravings, improve metabolism, strengthen nourishment, achieve relaxation and improve mood stability.

    Selfcare Workshop - We teach skills to listen to the body, to prevent health conditions to become chronic, and achieve sustainable wellness.

    Staff Party for the Chinese New Year of Ox, Jan. 24, 2009
    Chi Wellness Staff Party

    Chi Wellness Clinic nurtures and attract highly trained practitioners to its staff. Our first acupuncturist, Wendy Tian, while delivering superb acupuncture treatment, is able to balance her family life with work. She gave birth to her first child after she joined the clinic in 2001. With two children, Wendy continues to treat patients in our clinic today. In TCM, Chi represents the vital energy reverberating through the meridians in the body. To all of us at Chi Wellness Clinic, CHI also stands for CARE, HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Together with our loyal clients, we will overcome the pervasive culture of quick fixes when it comes to health, and establish a culture of SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS in America, so that all of us can fully experience the joy and rewards of being well!

    In addition to our clinical services, we continue our clinical research effort. In August 2008, we presented our study of Tuina therapy for treating Parkinson's disease (PD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at Boston Symposium on the Sporadic Neurodegeneration - Genes, Environment and Therapeutic Strategies organized by Robert H. Brown, Jr., M.D., D. Phil., Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School and Director of Day Neuromuscular Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital.

    • Thank you. With our best wishes,
    • Miles Chong Chen, PhD
    • Director and Founder
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